Category: Personal Update

So I have been working on a new project since Glare and that project is Rebuild. Rebuild is a 2.5D platform game, created using Unreal Engine 3. The game is currently in the early stages, where we’re playing around with the player controls and creating basic assets. Aside from the content creation process, design documents are also currently being written. My job will be the UnrealScript management on the project. I am pleased to report that the process is going well and we hope to have something to show off in the near future. I will hopefully have up some coding tutorials of some of the components we are creating for the game.

Welcome to my site. I’ve created this site so that I can show off all the work I have done in regards to programming and also share an insight into their developments through blog postings. There are many things in these projects that took extensive googling and trawling through the MSDN to find answers to so hopefully I will be able to teach someone something and cut down their searching time. I also hope to increase my own knowledge of these subject areas as being able to teach someone something correctly means that you have definitely learnt how to do it.

In this blog you’ll find it extremely apparent that I have a degree in Computer Games Programming and not English Language. I will try, however to make it at least readable. :P

Things you’ll find in this blog

Game coding in C++ (Most probably something to do with the GP2X to begin with.)

Windows programming in C++ (Level editors using Windows Forms.)

Game coding in C# (My dynamic difficulty game was programmed in C# XNA and I hope to show off another project I am working on that will be expanding what I have done in that game.)

Windows programming in C# (This will relate to the making of the level editor for my new game in XNA.)

Windows Phone 7 Programming (Yes, even I am jumping in there to see what I can try and make on this excellent expanding market.)

PHP Programming (Just some odds and ends that I have made in PHP.)


Seems like a good enough list so it looks like I need to get onto the part where I deliver the promised content.