One of the modules in my University course was to work in a group of students (3 programmers and 7 artists) to create a game that is playable and fun. This is what me and the team created.

Gameplay Video


Link - Warning: This game is reccomended for a high spec computer. The level editor is also included.


Gameplay Beserker
Title Controls

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My Role in Production

The main role I took in the production of the game demo was the world model and the managing of entities in it. One of the tools I created to help with this was the level editor which is explained on this page. The entities use a standard inheritance stucture with a base virtual class and the child classes for different types like player or level objects.

Others involved in Production

Jason Hardy - Project Lead / Environment Artist

Robert Edmonds - Lead Programmer

Ben Watson - Environment Artist

Jovan Murray - Game Designer

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