3D Level Editor


One of the modules in my University course was to work in a group of students (3 programmers and 7 artists) to create a game that is playable and fun. For this project I created a level editor to help the artists build the levels for the game.


Link - The level editor is packed in with the game exe.


First Level New Level

(Click to make bigger.)


>>Real time view of game world while editing.

>>Every entity is editable with position, scale, rotation and colour.

>>Lights can be placed throughout the levels and positions can be viewed in level editing mode.


This program is one of my prouder works and probably the one that gave me the most stress but in turn this project taught me a lot about windows programming which is usefull for my future. I used the already in development game engine project to build a level editor off. Having the level editor as a seperate project but allowing it to use the game engine files made it possible for the game engine to be updated and the level editor would recieve the same updates.

The game is ran as a child window to the dialog window with all the controls. Events triggered by the controls are passed into a level editor class in the game which would then apply the changes to the game world giving a real time view of the game world.

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