About Me

Hello, I am Stephen Crabb a Computer Games Programming graduate of Teesside University. I’m currently looking for work in programming games.

My current project is a fully featured 3d game engine using Direct X: Player One Engine.



As part of my university course I learnt how to use C++ in relation to programming games. One area that I most enjoyed was the tools programming for games as this also expanded my knowledge of Windows programming. You can see an example of my work here.

Outside my university course I have taken to learning C# for use with Microsoft’s XNA. I used XNA to make my final year project (Dynamic Difficulty Game) and continue to use it on other projects (Neon Arena).

I have also taught myself a bit of PHP for use in creating add-on’s for my gaming community’s website (Xbox Live Tracker).

If you want to get in touch with me, you can at this address:


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