Monthly Archives: October 2013

So it has been a month since I last spoke of the Player One Engine. While my time hasn’t been fully optimised due to GTA V coming out, progress has been made on the engine.

Firstly there isn’t all that much to show right now as I stopped working on the graphical side of things to work on the other core engine parts. Right now the engine has the ability to render models of my own format thus support for other filetypes is on the todo list. The only model I have rendering is a simple cube so I really need to get something that will stress the engine just a little more. The cube is fully textured and has ambient and specular lighting on it. Bump and spec maps are the next on my list for it.

On the other side I have opted to go for an Actor/Component model meaning that instead of having all my Entities derive from a base entity class I have a simple Actor class that keeps a list of components. This system is now working for handling rendering and applying a simple rotation.

A message system has also been implemented for the components to communicate along with other game related events to happen. This system will likely be optimised in the future but for now it is working.

I’d love to be able to show off the engine soon but it has been hard when most of the things I have been working on recently are internal engine components. Hopefully soon I will have a post full of nice screenshots.

Right now I’m aiming to have something I can run around and test things in before Christmas.



You can download Neon Challenge to your Android phone with this link:

Neon Challenge Demo


Neon Challenge is my go at a simple game for Android that takes into account user skill while determining the difficulty level. For now development on it has halted but it has been a good learning excercise.