Monthly Archives: September 2013

It’s been 2 years since I left University and since then I have only made one game. I kept that game simple and didn’t challenge myself as much as I could have.

My goal is to make a fully featured game engine with the hopes of creating a game in it sometime in the future. There are some key areas of the engine that I want to focus on for varying reasons:

  • Graphics: When working on Alexandria I didn’t have anything to do with the graphics engine and thus, don’t have the understanding and expertise that I want. I really want to make a good go of the graphics part of the engine and hopefully learn plenty.
  • AI: Being one of the most interesting subject areas that I took at university I would like to expand on my knowledge and make something more complex than I have done in the past.
  • Engine Editor: This was my main task in the Alexandria project and it was something that I enjoyed making. There were plenty of features missing from that editor that I could have done and I know I can make an easy to use editor that will give the user a lot of control over the engine.

As it’s the season of people going back to school I thought I should be no different as I still have plenty to learn in game development. Because of this I will be documenting the progress of the engine as to prove to myself that I fully understand what I have created and maybe even help anyone else who has ideas of making their own engine.

The engine will take some time to create but I am optimistic that I will be able to create a stable engine that could house many different kinds of games.

After the dust settled on my first full game I kept looking at it thinking I could have done better. I released it for all the wrong reasons. I wanted it out as fast as possible to make money from it and because of that there were areas of the game that I am still not happy with. That is why I am now going to be revisiting the code and making the game more like what I envisioned. The graphics will be updated and bugs will be fixed and it has been given a new name:

Neon Arena

This is to reflect the neon style graphics and the arena based gameplay that will be refined and polished.

I have no timescale on the improvement process but once it is done I plan to release it as a pay what you want game so that anyone wanting to try the game can while people who think the game is actually worth money can also help me with costs into my new project. I want to put out a good fun game and I know that this can be it.